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Marian Keyes tells Twitter: I loved it!


I finished The Changeling last night and I utterly loved it. Magical, funny, just great. I can't praise it enough.

What they said ...


Falconer writes with astonishing wit and authenticity.
- Joanne Harris (author of Runemarks)

The characters had an authenticity … that I have not encountered since reading The Catcher in the Rye.
- Kate Kerrigan (author of The Dress)
In a word, brilliant.
- Alan Sillitoe (The Lonelinesss of the Long Distance Runner)


I couldn't put it down. – The Guardian

Heartrending and hilarious. – Literary Review

Sweats atmosphere. – The Sunday Times

Moving and addictive. – The Express

It's a bildungsroman, a horror story, an anti-romance, a rocker's manifesto and an astute social comedy.
- The New York Times


Marian Keyes' praise for Helen Falconer

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